Specialty Moving

Specialty Moving

Specialty Moving

At times an item may be too big, or fragile, to be boxed up just any old way. When that’s the case, you need Specialty Moving Services to handle it for you. Maybe it’s too precious, or too large, to entrust to a regular method of shipping. We have experience in moving bulky, and precious items. 

If you have an item, or items, that are too bulky or precious, and need special care when being moved, give us a call. Whether it’s a grand piano, or a priceless painting, we will give your items the care they deserve. Nothing is too precious, or too bulky, for us to pack, crate, and transport. 

Some of our specialty moving services include: 

  • Pianos
  • Fine Arts
  • Trade Show Exhibits
  • Motors
  • Medical Equipment
  • Find out what we can move for you by contacting us for a quote!

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